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Welcome to the final post in my biblical baptism series. These posts build upon each other, so check out the previous ones here:

  1. Introduction
  2. Is Scripture Descriptive or Prescriptive?
  3. Defining 'baptism'
  4. The Baptism of John
  5. Why Was Jesus Baptized?
  6. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  7. The Baptism that Jesus Commanded
  8. The Biblical Purpose of Water Baptism
  9. Is Baptism a Public Demonstration?
  10. Harmonizing Grace, Faith and Works
  11. Is Baptism Required?
  12. Is Sprinkling the Same as Baptism?
  13. Does it Matter Why You Are Baptized?
  14. Should I be Re-baptized?
  15. Should Baptisms be Scheduled?
  16. What if Baptism isn't Necessary? What if it is?
  17. What if the Believer Dies on the Way to be Baptized?
  18. Baptism and a Wedding


As I discussed in the introductory post for this series, I originally began this series of articles as a means of addressing disagreements I have with Jeremy Myers' conclusions on baptism, which can be found at

This post was written specifically to share on Jeremy's site message board in hopes of sharing what I strongly believe to be the truth on baptism with him and his readers.

While I disagree with many of Jeremy’s conclusions on the subject of baptism, I aim to disagree respectfully.

I'm interested solely in obeying and teaching what I understand to be the truth and saving souls.

I am disinterested in fruitless arguing.

Jeremy's perspective about baptism

Over the past several months prior to writing this, I read every post and comment in Jeremy's series on baptism, beginning with "Is Church Possible without Baptism and Communion?" (2/13/2012) and ending with "Rebaptizing Baptism" (3/14/2012).

In an effort to ensure fairness and accuracy, here is my understanding of Jeremy's view on baptism:

My perspective on baptism

I agreed with only about 10-20% of what Jeremy had to say on the subject.

I believe his conclusions are largely a house built upon sand.

For a thorough understanding of my view on baptism, I invite you to read my series on the subject in order, as each post builds upon the previous.

Here is a brief summary of my understanding:

Please take time to study this subject (with your Bible and prayer alone).

If I understand baptism's importance correctly, then many believers are in great danger.

If you want to read my series in order, it begins here.

Download the series as a PDF ⬇️

download baptism series

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