The subject of baptism is one of the most important, frequently discussed and controversial topics in the New Testament.

In this series of articles on the biblical purpose of Christian baptism, I attempt to take a fresh look at the subject.

I've designed the series where each post builds upon the foundation laid in the previous article. For that reason, I encourage reading these in order.

Here's the list of all posts in the series:

Biblical Baptism Series

  1. Introduction
  2. Is Scripture merely descriptive or also prescriptive in nature?
  3. What does the word 'baptize' mean?
  4. Understanding the baptism of John
  5. Why was Jesus baptized?
  6. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  7. What is the baptism that Jesus commanded?
  8. The biblical purpose of water baptism
  9. Is baptism a public demonstration?
  10. Harmonizing what Scripture says about grace, faith and works
  11. Is baptism required or optional?
  12. Is sprinkling a form of baptism?
  13. Does it matter why one is baptized?
  14. Should I be re-baptized?
  15. Should baptisms be scheduled?
  16. What if we get to judgment and learn that baptism wasn't necessary? (What if we learn that it was?)
  17. What if a believer dies on the way to be baptized? Would he/she be saved?
  18. Examining the connection between baptism and Jesus' wedding with the church


I was originally inspired to write these articles based on reading Jeremy Myers' series on baptism, which can be found at redeeminggod.com/give-up-your-rites/.

Throughout several of my articles in this series, you'll find quotes and references to Jeremy's writings. 

I find many of Jeremy's conclusions to conflict with both the teachings of Scripture and the writings of the early Christians who were taught by the apostles and those that knew them.

Therefore, I decided to write my own series on the subject. My final post in the series is a response to Jeremy's conclusions.

The topic of baptism is too important for me not to share my understanding of what the Scriptures teach and to warn the reader against what I strongly believe to be modern perversions of the gospel.

I hope you'll consider what I have to say and study the Scriptures referenced for yourself.

May this series be a blessing to you.

Download the series as a PDF ⬇️

download baptism series

Read Part 2 here:

Click here to read the first post entitled, "Is Scripture merely descriptive or also prescriptive in nature?"

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