October 2 – Zechariah’s Final Vision


  • Zech. 9:1-14:21


Some unknown years later, Zechariah receives one final vision from GOD. This vision refers in part to Jesus and to the eventual destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. For today’s devotional, we want to focus on the new details that GOD reveals regarding future events from Jesus’ life. Jesus is referred to as the King who brings salvation, in gentleness and riding on a donkey. This would be fulfilled when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey colt on His way to the cross, less than a week before His crucifixion.

Jesus would proclaim peace and rule the entire earth. He would come from Judah and become the cornerstone, tent peg, and battle bow. Jesus would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver. GOD would strike Jesus and His disciples would be scattered. This happened after Jesus was arrested in the garden.

GOD would pour out His Spirit upon the Jews in Jerusalem. They would turn their thoughts toward Jesus and weep for “the One they have pierced,” and they would grieve bitterly. On that day GOD would cleanse the sins from Judah and those in Jerusalem.

Finally the LORD would fight against Jerusalem on “a unique day.” Then the LORD will be King over the whole earth. Everyone would then go up to Jerusalem to worship GOD.

This is a beautiful and fitting end to the work of Zechariah the prophet. Truly exciting—and tumultuous—times were ahead for GOD’s people, but a Savior would come and the nature of His kingdom and details of His future earthly life are becoming clear in our reading.


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