September 29 – The Inconsistency of Man


  • Psalm 78


Today begins a three-day look at the remaining 11 psalms which were written after the captivity and punishment of Judah was over. Psalm 78 recounts GOD’s history with Israel. The theme of the psalm is that GOD has always been consistent, strong and faithful towards Israel despite Israel’s numerous rebellions and departures from their covenant. This theme is the subject of today’s devotional. Throughout our existence, mankind has been consistently inconsistent in our love and devotion towards GOD.

The behavior of the people of Israel is just like that of all humans—every person sins and repeatedly falls short of GOD’s glory (Rom. 3:23). At times, even the most faithful human sins against GOD. This is because we are weak and easily deceived or give in to temptation. We must be ever-watchful, sober (that is, serious-minded), prayerful and cling to GOD with all that we have so that we aren’t pulled away. This is what life is really about—the battle for your individual soul—a battle between good and evil.

GOD would have you win and receive the crown of righteousness. He offers immense help and promises if we give ourselves to Him and allow Jesus to sit upon the throne of our heart. We will succeed and overcome temptation and sin if we abide in Jesus, which is to say that we remain in Him. Jesus said that no one is powerful enough to snatch us from GOD’s hand. Hallelujah!

But we must avoid being rocked gently to sleep spiritually by allowing ourselves to become complacent, which is to stop pushing forward towards knowing GOD more closely and toward imitating Jesus every day. Otherwise, we’ll become just like the house of Israel where they were seemingly in constant spiritual instability—like a small boat being rocked back and forth upon the sea by violent winds and waves.





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