June 9 – Obadiah’s Prophecy Against Edom


  • Obadiah 1-21


In the days of Jehoram, king of Judah, the Edomites rebelled against Judah and set up their own king. The prophet Obadiah’s message is a rebuke against Edom for their revolt against Judah. While some believe that Obadiah’s prophecy is concerning another time period, perhaps 250 years later, The Daily Bible editor includes it at this time in the chronology. The editor also notes that little is known about Obadiah except that his name means “servant of God.”

In this prophecy, GOD rebukes the people of Edom for two reasons. First, they were very prideful, thinking that their mountain strongholds would prevent any attempts to conquer them. Second, they participated in violence against Judah and took advantage of the people of Judah’s misfortune. GOD was going to bring deliverance to Mount Zion and punish Edom for these things.

Israel and Edom had quite a history which went back hundreds of years. Recall that Edom are the descendants of Esau and Israel are the descendants of Jacob. When Israel left Egypt on the way to Canaan, they sought to pass through the land of Edom but they refused. GOD prevented Israel from attacking them or forcing their way through because the land of Edom was given to Esau as a possession.

The message for us today from Obadiah is that GOD is watching over the affairs of men, and He is Lord of the nations as well as the individual. He ensures that justice is done and will not allow one nation’s sin to go unpunished. He takes vengeance for the wronged.


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