June 8 – GOD Defeats Moab with Water


  • 2 Kings 8:16-17
  • 2 Chron. 21:2-4
  • 2 Kings 3:6-27
  • 2 Chron. 20:34; 21:1, 20a, 6, 7, 11-17, 8-10


Ahab’s son Joram reigned in Israel during the latter part of Jehoshaphat’s reign in Judah. The king of Moab rebelled against Joram, so he asked Jehoshaphat to go to battle with him, as well as the king of Edom. They agreed. Their armies marched for seven days and then they ran out of water in the desert. They couldn’t find water anywhere. Jehoshaphat asked if there was a prophet of the LORD among them, so they sent for Elisha who was among the army.

13 Then Elisha said to the king of Israel, “What have I to do with you? Go to the prophets of your father and the prophets of your mother.” But the king of Israel said to him, “No, for the LORD has called these three kings together to deliver them into the hand of Moab.” 14 And Elisha said, “As the LORD of hosts lives, before whom I stand, surely were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, I would not look at you, nor see you. 15 But now bring me a musician.”

Then it happened, when the musician played, that the hand of the LORD came upon him. 16 And he said, “Thus says the LORD: ‘Make this valley full of ditches.’ 17 For thus says the LORD: ‘You shall not see wind, nor shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water, so that you, your cattle, and your animals may drink.’ 18 And this is a simple matter in the sight of the LORD; He will also deliver the Moabites into your hand. 19 Also you shall attack every fortified city and every choice city, and shall cut down every good tree, and stop up every spring of water, and ruin every good piece of land with stones.”  20 Now it happened in the morning, when the grain offering was offered, that suddenly water came by way of Edom, and the land was filled with water.

21 And when all the Moabites heard that the kings had come up to fight against them, all who were able to bear arms and older were gathered; and they stood at the border. 22 Then they rose up early in the morning, and the sun was shining on the water; and the Moabites saw the water on the other side as red as blood. 23 And they said, “This is blood; the kings have surely struck swords and have killed one another; now therefore, Moab, to the spoil!”

24 So when they came to the camp of Israel, Israel rose up and attacked the Moabites, so that they fled before them; and they entered their land, killing the Moabites. 25 Then they destroyed the cities, and each man threw a stone on every good piece of land and filled it; and they stopped up all the springs of water and cut down all the good trees. But they left the stones of Kir Haraseth intact. However the slingers surrounded and attacked it.

26 And when the king of Moab saw that the battle was too fierce for him, he took with him seven hundred men who drew swords, to break through to the king of Edom, but they could not. 27 Then he took his eldest son who would have reigned in his place, and offered him as a burnt offering upon the wall; and there was great indignation against Israel. So they departed from him and returned to their own land.
(2 Kings 3:13-27 NKJV)

You might think that seeing such an awesome sight and watching the LORD deliver them that Joram would repent and follow the LORD, but he did not. Eventually, Jehoshaphat died and was buried in Jerusalem and his oldest son Jehoram reigned in his place in Judah. He killed his brothers with the sword in order to secure his kingdom. He did evil in the sight of GOD. He even married Ahab’s daughter. Somehow Jehoram received a letter from Elijah who had been taken up to heaven beforehand. This letter rebuked him for his sins and prophesied that he would develop a disease in his bowels which would eventually cause his intestines to come out of his body. Gross! GOD raised up the Philistines and Arabs to punish Judah for their sin, and they carried off Jehoram’s wives and children. Only the youngest, Ahaziah, was left in Jerusalem.


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