April 30 – Seeing GOD in the Psalms (Part 12)


  • Psalm 29; 33; 65; 66; 67; 68


Psalm 29

The LORD is full of glory, strength and holiness. GOD’s voice is powerful and majestic, thundering over the mighty waters, and splitting the great cedar trees of Lebanon into pieces. His voice shakes the desert, twists the oak trees and strips the forests bare. GOD sits upon His throne above the flood as King forever. He gives strength and blesses His people with peace.

Psalm 33

GOD is worthy of the praise of the righteous. GOD’s word is right and true. He is faithful in all things. He loves righteousness and justice, and the earth is full of His unfailing love. GOD made all things by His speech. He gathers the waters of the sea into a heap and puts them in storehouses. GOD foils the plans of the nations, but His plans stand forever. GOD looks down from heaven and sees all people. He forms the hearts of each person and considers all that they do. His eyes are upon those who fear Him and those who hope in His unfailing love.

Psalm 65

GOD answers us with awesome works of righteousness. He is our Savior and the hope of all the ends of the earth and farthest seas. He formed the mountains by His power, armed Himself with strength, stilled the roaring seas and the turmoil of the nations. He calls forth songs of joy where morning dawns and evening fades. GOD cares for the land and waters it, enriching it abundantly and providing rich produce.

Psalm 66

GOD’s power is so great that His enemies cringe before Him. His works are awesome. All the earth bows down to Him. GOD turned the sea into dry land and allowed safe passage through the waters. He preserves our lives and keeps our feet from slipping. He tests and refines us like silver. After periods of great suffering, GOD brought His people to a place of abundance. GOD has surely listened to my prayer. He is worthy of praise, for He has not rejected or withheld His love from me.

Psalm 67

GOD is a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows. He provides families to the lonely and leads the prisoners with singing. He provides from His bounty for the poor. GOD bears our burdens every day. It is He who saves and provides escape from death. GOD will crush the heads of His enemies and those who go on sinning. GOD rides the ancient skies above and thunders with a mighty voice. His power is in the skies. GOD is awesome. He gives power and strength to His people.


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