April 25 – Seeing GOD in the Psalms (Part 7)


  • Psalm 120; 121; 140; 143; 144


As we journey through the Psalms we are focusing on those things we learn of GOD’s nature, character and actions.

Psalm 120 is a prayer for deliverance from lying Gentiles who want to go to war. In this Psalm we learn that GOD:

  1. Answers me when I call upon Him in distress.
  2. Will punish the deceitful with a warrior’s sharp arrows and with burning coals of the broom tree.

Psalm 121 talks about how GOD watches over His people. In this Psalm we learn that GOD:

  1. Provides help for the needy.
  2. Is the maker of heaven and earth.
  3. Will not allow your foot to slip.
  4. Neither sleeps nor slumbers.
  5. Watches over you.
  6. Is your shade at your right hand.
  7. Protects us during day and night.
  8. Will keep you from all harm.
  9. Watches over your life forever.

Psalm 140 is a prayer for protection from violent enemies. From this Psalm we see that GOD:

  1. Is my strong deliverer who shields my head in the day of battle.
  2. Secures justice for the poor.
  3. Upholds the cause of the needy.

Psalm 143 is a prayer for GOD to preserve and protect us. In this Psalm it says that GOD:

  1. Has done many works by His hands.
  2. Is a good Spirit.
  3. Is righteous.

Psalm 144 is a prayer for GOD’s power. In this Psalm, GOD:

  1. Is my rock.
  2. Trains my hands and fingers for battle.
  3. Is loving.
  4. Is my fortress.
  5. Is my stronghold.
  6. Is my deliverer.
  7. Is my shield.
  8. Is where I take refuge.
  9. Subdues people under me.


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