• Psalm 70; 71; 77; 83; 86


As we journey through the Psalms, our daily focus is upon what we learn of GOD. Today we learn that GOD:

  1. Is my help.
  2. Is my deliverer.
  3. Is where I take refuge.
  4. Is righteous.
  5. Is my rock of refuge.
  6. Is where I can always go.
  7. Is my fortress.
  8. Is my hope.
  9. Is sovereign.
  10. Is my confidence.
  11. Brought me forth from my mother's womb.
  12. Has performed mighty acts.
  13. Has taught me since my youth.
  14. Has done many marvelous deeds.
  15. Has done great things.
  16. Will restore my life again despite difficult days.
  17. Will bring me up from the depths of the earth.
  18. Will increase my honor.
  19. Will comfort me once again.
  20. Is faithful.
  21. Is holy.
  22. Is full of unfailing love.
  23. Is far greater than any other god.
  24. Performs miracles.
  25. Displays His power among the peoples.
  26. Redeemed His people Israel.
  27. Led His people like a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.
  28. Is Most High.
  29. Is over all the earth.
  30. Is forgiving.
  31. Is good.
  32. Abounds in love to those who call upon Him.
  33. Will answer me.
  34. Has delivered me from the depths of the grave.
  35. Is compassionate.
  36. Is gracious.
  37. Is slow to anger.
  38. Abounds in faithfulness.
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Tim Harris
Author: Tim Harris
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Tim Harris is a Christian writer and teacher currently living in Montgomery, Alabama. He is married to Holly and they have two children. Tim and Holly have hosted a house church since 2010. Tim started in 2010 to promote the full gospel, encourage other Christians hungry to develop a deeper relationship with GOD, and create a reusable library of spiritual content.

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