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This post is unlike what I usually write here. It is generally my intent to publish content here that is fact, based upon verifiable Scripture, and to minimize opinion and speculation.

To that end, I typically steer clear of politics and social discussions unless they are clearly covered in Scripture.

But today, I have something to say that does dip into politics and social issues. Today, I'm going to share my opinion, based on the facts that I am aware of, as I understand them.

Some people won't like this. And I'm okay with that. If you have a different opinion, on this topic, I don't care. I feel these things need to be said. And there's nothing you can say that would change my mind. I've done my own research.

I want to share my perspective on what is happening in the world today, what I think GOD is doing, and how Christians should respond.

In this post, I provide a lot of evidence, but I wouldn't get this post published this year if I tried to document everything. You'll need to do some research yourself, if you haven't already. As someone I respect often says, "Simple truths are simple truths. Always have been. Always will be. Think for yourself. Do your research. Connect the dots."

Nothing Makes Sense

We've been living out an episode of The Twilight Zone since early 2020. Since the first discussions of the coronavirus in early 2020, life has not been the same.

And while the symptoms of the world's strange behavior might have been most noticeable in the spring of 2020, I think this goes back a long time before then.

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